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TTC specialises in business and marketing translation & subtitling from Portuguese, Spanish, Italian and French into English.

Services Include:

Translation of marketing, PR and all business-related material

Translation and localisation of websites 

Subtitling of corporate videos for training or marketing purposes

Translation of market research material

Translation of internal communications, presentations and sales reports

Recent Projects

-  Government health interview regarding global diabetes initiative (ES>EN)

- Business case study - Smart lighting (IT>EN)

- Market Research questionnaires for cosmetics and automotive and beverages industries (IT>EN, ES>EN and FR>EN)

- Educational website review (PT>EN)

- Opening speech for a seminar on human rights in Brazil (PT>EN)

- Internal business communications (PT>EN)

- Academic abstracts in the field of economics and transport ( PT>EN)

- Translation of 3 stage plays (ES>EN, PT>EN)


Teach Translate Create Logo

“Lydia has a natural talent for languages and translation. Her translations accurately convey the meaning and content of the original whilst ensuring that the target text is wholly authentic. I recommend her services”.

Claire Culliford, TransTeach

"I was extremely satisfied with the translation that Lydia recently carried out for me for an international seminar. We needed the opening speech to be translated urgently and the work Lydia produced was of excellent quality with a natural English flow".

Bianca Orsi, Events organiser, Abep-UK/University of Leeds

"Lydia translated several applications for me for postdoctorate programmes at European universities. I was very impressed with the final results, each application was tailored accordingly and it was excellent value for money". 


Dr. Augusto Cesar da Silva Bezerra, Professor at the Federal Center for Technological Education of  Minas Gerais, Brazil

“Besides being an excellent communicator, Lydia is a fantastic translator. Her ability to learn languages, her high perspicacity and her knowledge of different cultures makes her translations more effective, as she understands the difficulties in cross-cultural communication and can find ways to facilitate understanding".


Jose Carlos Andrade, Operations Director, Staples, Portugal

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