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Information and Prices

One-to-one English lessons

Price per hour £40 / 40€

Pack of 5 lessons £195/195€ (1 hour x week)*

Pack of 10 lessons £380/380€ ( 2 hours x week)*

*Lesson times must be pre-booked and packs used within 6 weeks of the first lesson.

Alternative packs can be arranged according to requirements.


Group conversation classes (online)

Price per month: £45/ 45€ ( per month, 4 lessons x 1 hour) 

There will be a minimum of 3 and a maximum 5 students per group.

Translations into English

Please contact me directly for a quote, attaching at least a segment if not the full text to be translated. Prices are dependent on a number of factors such as deadlines, file and formatting requirements, target audience, level of difficulty, amount of localization required, etc.


What clients say:

Teach Translate Create Logo

"Lydia is proactive, friendly, competent and an excellent professional! She has a different way of teaching because she can understand our needs and we can work on what we really need in order to obtain better results! She has high standards and this ensures she brings out the best in her students."

Anna Pereira, PhD student, University of Leeds

"Thanks to Lydia, I was able to gain a distinction in my MBA. Her advice on academic writing was invaluable and her lessons were challenging and informative”.

Lucia Fuertes,  former MBA student, University of Leeds

"I’m very lucky to have found such a professional and musically sensitive translator who’s dedicated to making my songs sound right in English”.

Teo de Paula, musician and song writer, Juiz de Fora, Brazil

"Lydia has translated two of my plays into English. Her work is exceptional".


Armando Nascimento Rosa, Playwright and Professor at ESTC, Lisbon, Portugal

"Lydia is really professional and well-prepared. She is patient, encouraging and a good listener. She helped me prepare for job interviews and I was able to dramatically improve my confidence in English."

Wei-Wei, former student, ASE Global

Every time the lesson ends, I'm already looking forward to the next. I highly recommend Lydia's services. 

Gustavo Campolina Diniz, PhD student, University of Leeds

"I highly recommend having business English lessons with Lydia. She is an amazing teacher and was able to adapt to our needs. Thank you!"

Diana Carneiro, former student, Loomis, Porto

" Lydia is an excellent teacher! I can see improvements in each session while we talk about informal or professional subjects. It's a pleasure to work with Lydia!"

Anabela Machado, former student, Porto

"Lydia is an excellent professional and I have nothing but praise for her translations of two of my children's books. She is very accurate and meticulous. She enjoys playing with words and trying to understand the deeper meaning and intentions behind the original words. Her taste as a literary translator is unmatched!"

 Sara Cristofori, children's author and illustrator

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Get in touch!

To find out more or to ask for a quote, fill in this simple form or contact:

Email: Lydia@teach-translate-create.com

PT tel:+ 351 920 362 696

UK tel: + 44 7846 628588

Address: Rua Nova do Seixo, 481,

4460-384, Senhora da Hora,

Matosinhos, Portugal



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