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I offer one-to-one lessons in general, academic and business English, along with preparation for Cambridge ESOL exams such as FCE (First Certificate), CAE (Advanced Certificate) and IELTS speaking and writing. 


About you...

Are you the kind of person who doesn't learn well in traditional classroom settings?

Have you attended lots of language courses but forgotten most of what you've learned?

Have you found that you didn't get enough personal attention and correction in group courses?

Have you learned lots of grammar rules/vocabulary but have difficulty applying them in speaking and writing?

Do you need to develop your confidence before speaking in groups?

Do you have specific objectives and require personalised material to meet your needs?

Do you have a busy schedule that makes it difficult to travel to attend an English course?

If the answer is yes to at least one of these questions, why not get in touch to see how I can help? 

About me...

Although it’s a bit of a cliché nowadays, the content of lessons is always tailored to clients’ learning objectives and personal interests. I know from my own experience of language learning that we learn best when the lesson content is of personal interest to us rather than imposed upon us.

I use students’ writing and speaking as a springboard for grammar and vocabulary development. We work together to correct errors, targeting personal weak spots, rather than giving a prescribed list of grammar rules or vocabulary lists to be memorized. This helps to foster curiosity about language and makes it more enjoyable to use.


With me, you'll...

Learn with a highly qualified and experienced teacher

Receive plenty of feedback and correction: the best way to learn is by making mistakes and having them corrected

Learn appropriate business email etiquette to make a good impression
Learn how to interact confidently, fluently and effectively

Learn more about British culture, including idiomatic language and phrasal verbs

Develop your critical and academic writing skills, if required

Gain advice on job applications and interview preparation, if required

Develop academic and business presentation skills, if required

Lydia Munday Language teaching


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“Every time the lesson ends, I’m already looking forward to the next”.

Gustavo Campolina Diniz, current PhD student, CEDEPLAR / University of Leeds

I had Italian lessons with Lydia for over 2 years. Not only is she a most excellent teacher of the Italian language,but during each lesson she was able to convey her deep appreciation and understanding of the country of Italy, their people and culture.

Michael Carter, former student,  Oxford

“Lydia has a natural talent for languages and translation and I recommend her services”.

Claire Culliford, TransTeach

“Thanks to Lydia,  I’m now working in a Global Accounting and Auditing company, successfully passing interviews and finding a job in my dream industry”.

Wei Wei,former student,  ASE Global

"Thanks to TTC, I was able to gain a distinction in my MBA. The advice on academic writing was invaluable and the  lessons to improve my written work were challenging and  informative”.

Lucia Fuertes,  former MBA student, University of Leeds

"Lydia is an excellent and patient English tutor. Professional in her approach, she has the ability to make lessons interesting, varied and tailored to the needs of each individual. Thanks to Lydia I have noticed a great improvement in my pronunciation and confidence in my spoken English and presentation skills".

Chi-Chuan Lin, Post-doctoral researcher, University of Leeds

"Lydia has a professional and creative approach to teaching and is always prepared for the lessons. I had always wanted to work in London and by the end of the course I was confident enough to finally make the move. Lydia gave me a great deal of encouragement and advice and without her help I would never have been able to overcome the language barrier".

Elena D'Achille, former student, Italy

"Besides being an excellent communicator, Lydia is a fantastic translator! Her knowledge of different cultures and high perspicacity facilitates cross-cultural communication". 

Jose Carlos Andrade, Operations Director, Staples, Portugal

I love having lessons with Lydia! She has a real understanding of students' needs and very high standards, which means she's determined to bring the best out of her students. 10/10! 

Anna Pereira, PhD student, Centre for Transport Studies, University of Leeds

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