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The key to successful language learning

I wholly believe that enjoyment, curiosity and motivation are key to effective learning. No matter how much you know you need to learn a language for work, studies etc., you’re… Read More

What do you call that in English?

I have a number of international friends, students and business contacts who speak excellent English, but one mistake that I’ve regularly come across is the following: How do you call… Read More

Why did the chicken cross the road?

Why did the chicken cross the road? English lesson for the day: ‘Chicken’ idioms and expressions. I saw this beautiful cockerel strutting across the road near Campo Marim, Algarve and… Read More

Spot the mistake!

Nice poster… but what’s the English mistake here? Well, the correct answer is: Exhibition of LIVE spiders and scorpions.  The problem here is that the use of the adjective ‘live’… Read More


Whereabouts ? For some reason, this word is rarely taught in English language course books and it often causes communication problems for non-native speakers who may not have seen/heard this… Read More

How do I get fluent in English?

 How do I get fluent in English? One of my students asked me how they could improve their English fluency. My first thought was, ‘just practise more’.  But the students… Read More